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If you are new to domain names, use these step-by-step instructions to register yours.

  1. Do a domain search- You need to check whether someone else already has your domain name. We will check your domain name and tell you if itís available. We will also tell you if other variations are available, like the ".org" and ".net" variations.
  2. Create a new account with us- When you sign up a domain with us, you will need some way to administer it (i.e.- make changes to your details, renew your domain). Choose a user name and password to create this account.
  3. Select the length of your registration- Choose the number of years you want your domain to be registered. You can register your domain for up to 10 years.
  4. Tell us your contact details- When you sign up a domain name, we need to know the contact details for your domain. We are required to ask for Registrant, Technical, Administrative and Billing contact details. If you are signing up the domain name for yourself, you will probably perform all of these roles. In that case, just fill in the Registrant contact details and continue. Your Registrant details will be used for the other contacts as well. (If you need to know what these contacts do, click on our Frequently Asked Questions icon.)
  5. Tell us how your domain can be found- (DNS Data Form) The DNS Data form prompts you for the information to enable others to view your domain. The four available choices are listed below. You can change this at any time after your domain has been registered, so if you are hosting at another ISP but don't have the information now, choose option a or b and then come back and change it when you get the information.
    1. "This domain will not be hosted anywhere."- Youíve signed up the domain name, but have no immediate plans for it.
    2. "I donít have a hosting provider yet, Iíll park it here for free." Ė You signed up your domain and will be hosting it soon.  Express Domain Services will point it to a generic web page in the meantime.
    3. "I will be using Express Domain Services as my hosting provider for this domain (the hosting account must be set up separately)." Ė Your domain name will point to the servers at Express Domain Services, ready to work with your hosting account.
    4. "I'm hosting with another ISP. I'll enter my name server information below:" Ė You are hosting your web site somewhere else. Fill in the name server information for this company. If you donít know this information, contact your ISP to obtain it.
  6. Complete your purchase- Go through our shopping cart and purchase the domain youíve ordered.
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